What is Gynecomastia ?

Gynecomastia is characterized by puffy nipples or larger breasts that give the chest a less masculine appearance.

Gynecomastia may occasionally result in discomfort or soreness, but this is not invariably a symptom or indicator of the condition. Gynecomastia is not medically dangerous, but it can have a big impact on your psychological health and can lead to undesirable behaviours. It usually results from a transient hormonal imbalance that started during puberty and cannot be treated without surgery. Gynecomastia, according to experts, affects 5–30% of all males.

do I have gynecomastia?

Generally speaking, gynecomastia may be to blame if you feel like your chest appears bigger than usual. In contrast to the thin, even layer of tissue that makes up the average male chest, gynecomastia can cause the chest to sag, protrude, or have an unnaturally round or pointed appearance. Additionally, “puffy” or enlarged nipples are a sign of gynecomastia.


Contrary to common perception, there is no such thing as “pseudogynecomastia”. Either it’s there or it’s not. Having extra male breast tissue does not ever look like “just fat” and does not get better with weight loss. Furthermore, gynecomastia cannot be efficiently treated with oral drugs or non-invasive fat-reduction procedures. Therefore, gynecomastia surgery is the only approach to treat the condition and improve quality of life.

WHAT IS gynecomastia SURGERY ?

In order to obtain a more defined and manly appearance, gynecomastia surgery involves removing extra male breast tissue from the chest. At the Gynecomastia Mumbai India, our surgical technique often entails liposuction along with the full excision of extra tissue beneath the areola. Gynecomastia surgery typically takes an hour to accomplish for the majority of our Austin patients. Compared to other surgical cosmetic procedures, it has a shorter and more manageable recovery period and significantly improves general health and quality of life.


The emotional and physical health of those whose lives are greatly improved by gynecomastia surgery is dramatically enhanced. Mental health issues like sadness, anxiety, social disengagement, and low self-esteem can all be impacted by gynecomastia. Many Austin gynecomastia patients discover that surgery not only significantly improves these issues but also gives them the confidence to enjoy a more active social and physical life.

Am I a candidate for Gynecomastia Surgery?

You might be a candidate for gynecomastia surgery if, when you look in the mirror, you detect sagging or bulging male breast tissue. You should be in good general health, which means you are free of any medical issues that could impede your surgery or recuperation, as with any elective surgical procedure. Ideal candidates for gynecomastia surgery have BMIs that are within or close to normal. Book your Consultation with Dr. Manwani to explore your suitability for gynecomastia surgery and your unique treatment plan.

What to expect on the day of your Surgery

To provide Dr. Manwani the best chance to shape the chest, gynecomastia surgery is typically carried out under general anaesthesia. Gynecomastia surgery may be carried out under local anaesthesia in some circumstances if only a little amount of tissue needs to be removed. Our board-certified anesthesiologist, who has extensive experience, will make sure that you receive the best type of anaesthesia for your unique surgical plan.



Gynecomastia Surgery Recovery

Gynecomastia surgery recovery is exceptionally tolerable compared to that of other surgical cosmetic procedures.

Most patients return to their regular activities (including work) just one to two days after gynecomastia surgery. However, if your job is physically strenuous, you may need to take additional time off from work. While you will be able to return to the gym after just two weeks, you will need to wait until Dr. Manwani clears you to engage in chest exercises and heavy lifting. This typically happens after four weeks post-surgery.

To help with swelling management, support, and skin retraction, you will need to buy a compression garment that you will need to wear for longer than four weeks. Buy right here! To avoid the development of long-term scar tissue, you should also massage your chest with a ball or a Theragun. Three weeks after your gynecomastia surgery, you must start doing this for at least 20 minutes multiple times a day, and you must keep doing it for at least eight weeks. The healing phase is essential for the best outcomes.



After your treatment, you’ll notice a difference in your chest right away, and the majority of your swelling will go down within a few days. However, the full reduction of swelling can take several months. Although most scars heal well on their own, Dr. Manwani advises using medical-grade silicone scar sheets once your incisions have healed.

Finally, you can anticipate a better, healthier life as well as a permanently more contoured breast. The advantages of gynecomastia surgery are undeniable, despite the paucity of published literature covering psychological recovery from gynecomastia. To ensure that the gynecomastia condition was real and effectively treated, Dr. Manwani always gives you the freedom to feel the tissue that has been removed. This provides some guys with much-needed closure in their battle with gynecomastia.


In Mumbai, Dr. Manwani provides his patients with an unmatched level of service and outstanding outcomes. Patients seeking gynecomastia surgery come from all across the country to the Dr. Manwani’s Gynecomastia Centre to achieve the greatest outcomes from their procedure. You may start living your best life by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Manwani if you’re interested in talking about your gynecomastia therapy. 



For patients who encountered subpar outcomes as a result of unanticipated problems or the work of a less skilled surgeon, Dr. Manwani provides revision gynecomastia surgery. In order to provide you with a personalised treatment plan, Dr. Manwani will carefully listen to your issues and properly evaluate your chest during your visit.

Unfortunately, no. Since breast tissue is not the same as regular fat, it can only be removed surgically. Non-surgical methods for male breast reduction will not remove or improve your gynecomastia. Some may even make it worse.

Your surgery’s price will vary depending on a variety of factors. You will receive a price during your consultation that is tailored to your individual requirements. However, given Dr. Manwani’s extensive experience, stellar reputation, and location in stunning Mumbai, the Gynecomastia Mumbai India costs are really fair, if not a complete steal. Gynecomastia surgery is a major life event, and our staff will be there for you every step of the way to make sure your procedure is successful.

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